Starting, restarting and trail training services are provided by Melanie who has over 30 years of experience working with young or unmade horses. She has experience starting horses for the track, for western pleasure, hunter/jumper and trail riding. She has retrained many off the track thoroughbreds, and several can be seen at the farm. Calm, positive reinforcement training methods have produced horses that are successful competitors and a pleasure to ride.

Trail Training is a specialized area where some riders would prefer their horses be introduced to the trails and various exposures to quads, dirt bikes and wildlife for the first time under a calm and confident rider. Horses are trail trained 3-4 times per week and owners are encouraged to participate towards the end of the training period to ensure a successful transition.


Pictured to the right is a 17 year old clyde cross mare started for the first time last April, was at a 70 rider wine ride by the third week in May. Successfully hunting last fall.

A minimum of 60 days is required to start horses. Restarts, trail training or other behavioural issues can be accomplished in varying time frames.

Training Rates

$850 per month includes outside pasture board andĀ minimumĀ of 4 rides per week. Owners are encouraged to participate in the training process. Weekly written updates are provided on the progress of the horse.

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