Creemore Contender

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A big thank you to Melanie and John for my Cali girl, aka Creemore Contender.

I can’t say enough good things about Melanie and John, and all the people associated with Forest Haven Farm.¬† I have been in the horse industry for quite a long time… let’s just say more than 25 years. ūüôā¬† I have bought and sold my share of horses, and have dealt with many different people over the years.¬† They don’t come any better than Melanie, and the quality of their horses are top notch, made even better by the wonderful care they get at Forest Haven Farm.

From the moment I first contacted Melanie, she was open, honest, pleasant, and very knowledgeable.  She took the time to understand what I was looking for so she could ensure I would be a good fit for her mare.  She was flexible and understanding throughout the buying process; a true professional at all times and a pleasure to deal with.

I would highly recommend Melanie and John to anyone.¬† You won’t be disappointed.

Thank you again.¬† I’m so thrilled to have my wonderful new partner and excited for the future gorgeous babies we’ll have!

-Leigh-Ann Verge, Grimsby, ON


Piper Contender

In the fall of 2014, my husband and I purchased a weanling filly, named Piper, from Melanie Michaels at Forest Haven Farm.

¬†We don’t live nearby,¬†so we had to do most things “long-distance” (using¬†email for example.) ¬†Melanie was wonderful to deal¬†with: knowledgeable, flexible, and open. ¬†Melanie had¬†great pictures and video of Piper and her sire and dam, and¬†answered our many questions patiently. ¬†And when we¬†made the trip to meet Piper, and then bring her home,Melanie – and everyone there – was so friendly and¬†accommodating.
¬†Melanie spent time¬†assessing whether Piper and us would be a *good fit*.Melanie wasn’t just trying to sell a horse, she¬†wanted Piper and us to be happy and successful together.¬†That made me feel really confident about things.
Melanie made an excellent¬†choice in Piper’s breeding – Piper is gorgeous!¬†And Piper was obviously handled wonderfully while¬†under Melanie’s care – Piper has been a complete charmer¬†from the moment she stepped off the trailer.

I would highly recommend
Melanie to anyone looking to purchase a horse.
We are very excited about our future with Piper. Thank you, Melanie and John, for making this process so fun and straightforward.




Hi there Melanie,

Shawn here. Not sure if you remember me but I wanted to touch base and let you know what a wonderful partner Asia (black and white draft cross mare) has become over the past 5 years.¬† We go everywhere together and have just competed in our first Extreme Cowboy Race and she was a superstar.¬† She is such a brave, willing and honest partner…she gives me her heart and soul everyday.¬† My natural horsemanship skills have grown she continues to impress me with her attitude and ability. AND of course… her beautiful markings continue to turn heads wherever we go.¬† “Pretty is as pretty does”…and Asia sure is.

Once more, thank you so much for the wonderful start you gave my mare. I am so grateful and can’t imagine my life without her.




“Big thanks to Melanie Michael’s and John at Forest Haven Farms for selling me my first horse, Matrix!
Everyone I knew thought I was crazy for considering a horse outside of the states, but when I saw his ad online I knew he was the one for me. Right off the bat I could tell Melanie was interesting in matching the horse and rider, as opposed to making a quick sale. She was available for me via email or through phone calls throughout the week and was prompt to reply. We had arranged multiple visits for me to go up and test ride Matrix to make sure he was the one for me. I never felt pressured to buy him, but rather to enjoy test riding him and see if we were a good match. I was assured with each visit to take my time and not rush my opinion on him.
He had only been under saddle for 3 months when I got to know him, and was very impressed at his willingness to learn, forgiving nature, and beautiful mind. I saw this from him in his videos and was relieved to see the same horse in person! It was a gamble for me to take on a young green horse, but his basics were solid and with the help of my trainer at home I knew we could become something great together! HUGE thanks to Heather for setting him up and training him the right way. Her advice and tips were invaluable to me and I still remind myself of them every day.
¬†Matrix and I are now enjoying the life in the mountains of Pennsylvania. We‚Äôve got the next 20+ years to get to know one another and grow as a team. I‚Äôll keep you posted on our progress over the years when we start transitioning into the local show scene!!! THANK YOU FOR FINDING MY MATCH <3‚ÄĚ
Thanks again!!!



I purchased “Darius” a.k.a. Dash from Melanie in November of 2012 basically through the internet – with only a picture to go on, and Melanie’s ¬†word that Darius was a great ¬†horse! ¬†And he is! ¬†Melanie had Darius since a weanling and her professionalism with raising young horses is evident in Darius. He is very sweet natured, calm and easy going “almost” three year old. It is so important to start young horses correctly which was the case with Darius. I would recommend purchasing a horse from Melanie without any hesitation.
-Janet Wells, Caledon East, ON


valor new home

Early in 2013 I had decided it was time to purchase a horse for field hunting and potentially some show jumping. I had recently returned to riding after more than 25 years away from the sport. Obviously I was very apprehensive and relied heavily on advice and guidance from friends and colleagues.
Purchasing a horse was a family affair, as I have two children who also ride and we were looking for a young but safe mount that would be a good match for both myself at this time, as well as the children as they further developed their riding skills.
Based on the above, my criteria for a potential horse were as follows:
         Gelding aged 5-11
         Certain amount of training under saddle
         Larger breed, minimum 16.2hh
         Good disposition and well mannered.
After two previous failed purchases (due to issues related to pre-purchase veterinary examinations) I came across an ad online of a horse that seemed to fit my criteria. I made contact with Melanie Michaels and immediately was struck by her open, honest approach to business. It didn’t feel like a sale process, more like a pleasurable exchange of information and advice. I eventually visited Foresthaven Farms to meet with Melanie and have a test ride on the potential purchase. All went well and we finalized a purchase agreement subject to a pre-purchase examination during that visit.
Melanie has stayed in touch over the last several months since we took delivery of Valor. No surprises and/or disappointments have occurred. I would recommend Melanie to anyone on a search for a totally honest and ethical purveyor of horses. You will find Melanie to be up front and clear about any of the horses she is selling. She made the transaction painless and eased my anxiety throughout the entire process.
Mark Finnimore, Petersburg, ON
(519) 291-0198

FHF El Reno


I dealt with Melanie Michaels via email.¬†I was originally going to select one of her mares & choice of several lovely stallions to breed with and bring the foal home when weaned. She made the process easy for me even though the mare did not conceive as it was late in the season. Melanie¬†gave me multiple options including, an exceptional weanling she bred whose bloodlines were at least as good as the ones I had initially picked for breeding. Reno was RPSI site champion while still with his dam. Melanie provided me with great pictures of him during this and I thought he was quite special. Since being with me for almost 4 months he has proven to be more exceptional than I thought he would be. His manners and handling before he got here were great and he is very bright, quick , and eager to learn more. Having a handful of my own youngsters over the past 2 decades and dealing with others , he is truly the best of any. I look forward to having him become a talented event/dressage horse in the future. I would recommend anyone looking for a fabulous sport horse, to check with Melanie first. If she doesn’t have the horse you need she can find you one or breed you one! thank you Melanie!

– Gayle & Reno


We are extremely lucky to have found your farm and our new horse Glimmer (aka Misty)!!¬† Melanie, your experience with horses and knowing the “right fit” has led our daughter, Breana back into the passion she has for riding.¬† And she is gaining her confidence back!! I am so thankful that you shared Misty’s prior owner’s info.¬† The information Julie has shared about Misty’s personality, her cues that she understands etc has been invaluable!!! We have learned so much in such little time and lots more to learn. I really believe this must have been fate!!! Misty is a beautiful mare that we are excited about bonding with. We can’t thank you and Julie enough!!

– Lynn & Bree


Melanie, is quite amazing, and also one of the nicest, most accommodating women I have ever met! We are so thankful every day to have found Jake after so many years and that you made that happen! Jake is definitely a barn favorite and will never ever be sold again!

– Sarah North




Lex was the first horse I have ever bought, and I can honestly say I will never sell him. Upon purchasing him, Melanie had given me some of the most genuine, upfront and honest customer service I have ever experienced. She was so caring and went the extra step to make sure I was comfortable and ensured no corners were cut. This quality is clearly reflected in all of her animals as all of them are friendly, good mannered animals. I can not say enough good things about her and thank her so much for all she did for me, others and who she continues to help in the future.

– Charlotte


Vinny’s Law

Jody Indy

I am an adult novice rider who was looking for a suitable horse to take lessons on and build a relationship with to fulfill my girlhood “pretty pony” dreams. I saw Vinny’s Law (10 year-old OTTB gelding) ¬†advertised for sale at Forest Haven Farm. The words “uncomplicated”, “bombproof” and “beginner safe” were used in the descriptions of his personality. Taking it with a huge grain of salt, I made the trip to go see Vinny. It was early April, felt like a hurricane, and¬†the weather was still cold and unpredictable. ¬†The wind storm was gusting rain and sleet, I was expecting to see an ark at any moment. ¬†It was a terrible night to go see ¬†a horse. ¬†But, I wanted to see him ASAP as the ad’s description sounded like he was a horse I needed to see. ¬†I showed up and Melanie was wrapped from head to toe in winter gear, including a toque! ¬†She said she would get on Vinny and show me his stuff and put him through the paces of walk/trot/canter. ¬†Meanwhile, the wind increased and was whipping around the corner of the barn, leaving me cold and shivering. Most other horses would have been a basket case in that weather, but not Vinny. ¬†He just did his stuff and did what Melanie asked. ¬†Then, Melanie dismounted and said, “Do you want to try him?” ¬†Hesitantly, I said, “Do you really think it’s safe, even in this weather?” ¬†Melanie replied, “I really do. I wouldn’t say so if I didn’t think he will be totally fine with you getting on him.” ¬†I mounted, we walked around the driveway and through a deep puddle. The wind whistled like a jet engine. I shivered, but was it from the cold or disbelief? ¬†Unbelievable. A terrible night to show a horse, yet also the perfect night to see a bombproof horse in action.And he remains so! ¬†My unflappable, friendly, amicable, beginner safe thoroughbred off the track. A suitable beginner’s mount? ¬†He really is. ¬†Thanks, Melanie.

Updated Testimonial:¬†¬†I continue to be amazed that my perfect horse is a¬†TB. I NEVER in a million years would’ve believed that a¬†TB would work for me. ¬†Are we 100% SURE he’s TB?¬†¬†He’s as lazy as molasses (which I love). ¬†ūüôā ¬†Patrick (that’s my BF) said¬†to me, “Every time I come out to visit your horse,I’m truly reminded that he’s YOUR horse.” ¬†The barn owner told me that although Indy is a nice,mannerly horse, he acts differently when I’m around. I¬†asked her what she meant. She said, “He just lights up¬†a little when you’re here. Otherwise, he won’t give¬†me the time of day.” ¬†Honestly, that brought a tear to¬†my eye. I have spent lots and lots of time with Indy, a lot¬†of it just grooming him, walking him around the property,talking to him, and assuring him I’ll take care of¬†him.¬†¬†¬†
– Jody F

 Jersey Shore







In August 2013¬†I decided¬†I wanted to start looking for a young and green horse to bring along myself.¬† One of the first horses¬†I came across online was “Jersey” who was located at Forest Haven Farm. It was¬†love at first sight. Melanie had a brief but thorough description of Jersey, who sounded exactly what I was looking for. We had planned a date to come and look at her, and she more than lived up to my expectations. Melanie was very upfront and honest about Jersey. She was knowledgeable, and unlike most people, she seemed less concerned about a quick sale, and more concerned about finding a perfect fit for the horse and rider. Jersey was my perfect fit! I still keep in contact with Melanie and give her updates and photos of Jersey, which you can tell she is very appreciative of. I had a great experience dealing with Melanie and¬†I would definitely recommend her to anyone who is searching for a horse of their own. Thanks a lot!

Tara Landon. Ingersoll Ontario









In July 2012, my sister and I were searching for a young project for myself, and we came across a horse Forest Haven Farm had listed for sale. ‚ÄúBristol‚ÄĚ now aka Glory was a horse that caught our eye.

After making the trip up to meet Melanie and Bristol,  we knew we had found the perfect match and Melanie was great enough to ship her down for me. Mel had done a great job working with Glory, she had great stable manners and was and still is a pleasure to work with, she had her started going walk and trot with all the basics covered. Melanie definitely has a talent working with youngsters.

After having Glory for a week we began teaching her to canter which she picked up quickly. 3 weeks later we took her to the 2012 CNE which was her very first show, we figured it would be a great learning experience. She was a superstar! Placing in the Show and Road Hack classes, to my delight we took home a 5th and an 8th place ribbon. She is progressing well and has started over small fences and has a talent for it. Each ride she just gets better and better. Definitely looking forward to the 2013 show season.

Mel was very professional and friendly, I would not hesitate in working with her in the future. I keep in touch with Mel with how Glory is progressing. Overall my experience with Forest Haven Farm was a positive one. Thank you Melanie for selling me Glory ūüôā

~Sarah Ball (Ontario)


FHF Summer Daze

FHF Summer Daze










We have nothing but positive things to RAVE about Melanie Laundry, her husband and Forest Haven Farms. We bought FHF Summer Daze in September of 2012 after seeing her picture online. Being that we were in Pennsylvania and¬†didn’t¬†have our passports, we were skeptical if we would even be able to negotiate the complicated terms of buying a horse from afar and getting her across the border. We run a lesson/training/boarding stable and show at the local and rated hunter-jumper shows. We have experience with a wide variety of breeds but especially Thoroughbreds and warmblood crosses. But from the moment that we saw Summer‚Äôs ad online, we knew that she was special. It¬†wasn’t¬†just her rare palomino color, but her lovely conformation and soft, gentle eye made us anxious to find out more about her.

We have been very busy with our stable these last few years and concentrating on our clients, so while we¬†hadn’t¬†even been looking for a new horse for ourselves, we were missing having a young prospect of our own to work with. Everything we found out about Summer just made us more sure that we wanted her to join our horsey family. Each thing that would have been an obstacle, Melanie made so easy and convenient for us. From dealing with a vet check to border crossing, she helped us through the whole process. Since we¬†didn’t¬†have our passport, we¬†couldn’t¬†go and see her. But Melanie took new videos and pictures for us and the vet had only fantastic things to say about this wonderful filly.

Melanie and her husband brought Summer over the border so that we¬†didn’t¬†have to worry about dealing with passports and we are eternally thankful that she took such care in helping us get Summer. From a professional standpoint, having dealt with many horse sales and long distance purchases over the years, though this was our first out of the country, Forest Haven Farm proved to be honest in all of its claims and earnest in seeing a good fit for its foal and new owners. From a personal standpoint, Melanie was such a dream to deal with and Summer is the ultimate filly and all that we hoped for and more.

We can’t say enough good things about her. She is beautiful in conformation and color, catching eyes and making everyone fall in love with her. To work with, she is an eager student and very intelligent young horse. The long trailer ride, the new environment and so many other things, she handed with a mature calmness. We plan on starting to show her in the spring in the young hunter in hand classes at the rated hunter shows. We own eighteen horses currently and have already commented several times that if we only had one, it would be Summer. Thank you so much to Melanie and Forest Haven for helping us add this very special girl to our stable and we wish you the best of luck in the future. We have and will continue to recommend you to all of our students and peers that are looking for young quality Thoroughbreds.


FHF Infinity (a.k.a. Finn)

Finn with his new family






This is my daughter Melanie and my horse Finn on his first day at his new home! I would like to thank Melanie for all that she has done and continues to do to help us out. Keep breeding horses and helping others out long after the horse has left your place. We have been looking for three years and you gave us the perfect horse, with your wonderful knowledge and kindness still helping us out! Keep smiling and positive, life is full of horses but your horses are the best! Well bred, trained and loved!

-Wendy Beer, London ON

 Passion Flares (a.k.a. Dax)






I have wanted a horse my whole life. When I could actually entertain the notion, all I had was 40 years of daydreams and no experience whatsoever. Of course, the horse I fell in love with was Forest Haven Farm’s Passion Flares (a.k.a. Dax), a 2-year old filly that had just begun her training.

Most people would have ended the visit with a lecture on the impossibilities of a green horse with a green rider. Instead, Melanie listened to my ideas, asked questions, and made the effort to understand the relationship that I wanted to build with Dax ‚Äď from the ground up. Melanie talked to the people who would be my support network (I live 3 hrs away), and she gave sound advice to me. Her obvious affection for her horses, straight-forward attitude, and great sense of humour made this an unparalleled experience, and one that I‚Äôll never forget.¬† Most importantly, our relationship did not end on the day that Melanie and Mark personally trailered Dax out to me ‚Äď it continues with the same level of interest and responsiveness that I have experienced every step of the way.

Thank you Forest Haven Farms ‚Äď so very much.

-Tanya (& Dax)



“In the summer of 2010, I purchased a 5-year old Morgan mare from Forest Haven Farm for my 11-year old daughter. Raven is our first horse and we spent a lot of time searching for the right pony.

“Buying from Melanie was definitely the smartest decision we could have made! Raven was exactly as described to us and is a wonderful pony with the right start to her training. It was obvious that she was given much love and attention at the Farm before coming to us. Since we live far away, we have contacted Melanie many times for advice and she has been an amazing source of support for a beginning rider and horse owner. I trust her instincts and advice wholeheartedly, and if I were to buy another horse in the future, Forest Haven Farm is the first place I would look. Thanks for a wonderful pony, Melanie!”

-Lisa Dampier, Thunder Bay, Ontario

Power Play (aka Lexington)







“When I came across Lexington from Forest Haven Farms, I found the business to be friendly, welcoming, helpful and not the slightest bit deceiving-very upfront! Organized and reasonable, the owners definitely have a good head on their shoulders, which is hard to find in the market now a days. Since then I have purchased Lexington and he has been such a good manored, all around happy horse, much like the rest of the animals that reside at Forest Haven. Ill be sure to recommend Forest Haven Farms to anyone in the market for a horse in the future. Thank you so much!”

Other Testimonials

I would like to briefly share how I came to know about Forest Haven Farm and my person business with Melanie Laundry.

My dealing with Melanie has been in the event of my selling her a young, home bred mare that had an accident as a 2 year old, that would only be sold to the absolute right person if she were to be sold at all.

It would appear that this horse is where, and with the person she was meant to be with. Melanie has been completely upfront, honest and a pleasure to do business with right from the first communication. If there is an opportunity to work with Melanie again, I would happily do so with no hesitation.

Melanie has been so appreciative of this horse, is kindly teaching her things that I thought were not possible and it confirms that as much as I hated to give this horse up, this is the perfect situation and wish the two of them only the best.

– Lynn Robertson


“We had a very good experience with Melanie Michaels and Forest Haven Farm.¬†I was interested in a horse Melanie had advertised for sale, and found that the information provided by Melanie about the horse was completely honest.¬†She was not sure the horse would work for me, however¬†we¬†elected to try him anyway and after two rides I decided that her original instinct was right. Even though we didn’t purchase a horse from her this time, I would not hesitate to recommend her to someone else or to try a horse with her again. We were impressed with¬†her professionalism, integrity, generosity and desire to make sure that the horse and owner are really right for each other.”

Best Regards, Jenny Jackman