ForestHavenFarm is proud to stand two stunning stallions. Our stallions have great athleticism,bloodlines, conformation and temperament. Only stallions that possess these traits are used in the ForestHavenFarm breeding program. Please visit their individual page to find out more about these two handsome stallions.



Mare Care:

Mares that come to ForestHavenFarm are treated with the best of care. We offer both indoor and outdoor board to mares coming in for breeding. Depending on how long the mare stays, both monthly and daily rates are available for mare owners. Mares will have access to quality vet and farrier care during their stay, if requested by the owner.


OutDoor Board: $325 plus HST
Includes fresh hay and water, run in shed, clean and spacious paddocks.
Indoor Board: $425
Includes stalled during night, turn out in paddocks during the day. Grain is extra, or can be provided by the owner.
Daily Rate: 15$
Includes fresh hay and water, access to run in shed, clean and spacious paddock.